Life is precious

3 thoughts on “Life is precious”

  1. first i cried at grey’s anatomy tonight, then i cried during modern family (see a trend?) now i’m weeping over this beautiful blog post. i’m a hot mess! ha. You are a sensational writer, and i agree with every word!

  2. I just wish I were close enough to give you and Tim both a big hug! Life is a gift and precious and I can never tell you enough how much you mean to me.
    Just for the record and I know I have told you this before but, you were the most snuggly little baby ever and that is a wonderful memory.

  3. Getting married and having a kiddo knocked some of this kind of sense into me. Now there is just so much more at stake. But, life is also a lot more fun and meaningful and full.

    I’m glad Tim is okay and of course, I am very happy to see Reed in the world 🙂

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