the land of Knoxville

Here are some brief observations based on our 6 months of Knoxville, TN livin’. First we must say that we both really like Knoxville! It is a wonderful place mostly because of the high volume of people we love here, but also because it has some unique character. These are somewhat quirky observations from the VanOsses:

Knoxville is the land of carhart wearing banjo players and weak Folgers drinkers (I always wondered how they stayed in business).  It is a lot of unhealthy chain restaurants but an unusually good sushi restaurant.

Knoxville is the land of wooded trails and hidden quarries; a land of church goers and brightly colored t-shirts with Bible verses. It is a land where people can banter back and forth about nothing and enjoy each others company all the same.

It is hairspray and orange and white checker boards. It is a land of football glory days and too much make up. It is Rocky Top.

It is the land of low cost of living and people who complain about the cost of living. Knoxville is the land of Fox News watchers. It is groups of white tailed deer and brick homes. It is a place where people believe the best place to display their life is the rear window of their car – monograms, school sports clubs, honor roll, and small white stick figures representing everyone down to the family cat. Speaking of cars, it is the land of SUV’s.

Knoxville has been a land of unexpected snow days, thunder storms with hail and flooding, and 65 and sunny days mid-winter. Knoxville is a land where our clothes fit us a little bit tighter and the butter flows a little heavier. It is a land of cooked cabbage, fried chicken, and lots of dessert! It is slow Sunday dinners with family; Eating mom’s cooking off of the china and sipping that second glass on the back porch at Luxmore.

Finally, Knoxville is the land where your neighbor Bob’s two pet billy goats could get loose for two weeks and roam your yard eating everything in their path.

On a more serious note, our time in Knoxville has been a gift from the Lord that he handed down to us. It was a gift filled with time of celebration (Molly and Caleb’s marriage), mourning (loss of Papa, Becka, and Mr. H), playing (with our beautiful niece Marion), studying (online classes through Northwestern), volunteering (at a local Hanger clinic), working (for Knox County), and overall enjoying (friends & family). This gift was packaged in a wonderful home on Badgett Road and we will remember this time in Knoxville the rest of our lives.

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  1. d$

    I think you should write a similar post about Seattle. It could almost be as funny as this one about Knoxville! Miss you guys!

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