our new little apt.

8 thoughts on “our new little apt.”

  1. Don’t you ever apologize for having Anthro throw up on anything! 🙂 Your place looks GREAT! Just maybe i’ll be the first visitor………

  2. I love your apartment. You are ceretainly a decorator. Remember my up-stairs? Well, its still there and worst than ever. Finally got the tile laid and new carpet. Can I just forget this mess and visit you? Wish I could. You two have fun and see everything you can. Have you eaten at the restaurant down stairs? You didn’t give us your address. Love to you two!
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful apartment and nicely decorated. I love that area of Chicago and I think you are going to have a great year there but don’t forget that your true home is out here in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure and check out the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Field Museum of Natural History and The Art Instute of Chicago. They are all awesome. Also make sure and eat some Chicago style deep dish pizza – my favorite kind. I miss you guys but love thinking about the adventure you are having.

  4. Ash! You totally had me believing your apartment was basically camp tanasi style! This is AWESOME!!! SO perfect and cute in EVERY single way!

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