April update

6 thoughts on “April update”

  1. Glad to hear you guys are settling in. Jessie and I hope to come visit you all sometime after the craziness of the school calendar wraps up in a couple of weeks. (Also Tim said you are thinking of driving up to Madison and you are totally free to stay in our second bedroom if you want!)

  2. Wah ! about you guys being there longer than expected but great news about your gainful employment and Tim’s awesomeness in his studies – not a surprise. Glad you finally have some of your photography for sale in your etsy store.

  3. Big hugs from Alabamee! I hate it you and Leah are so far but Im praying yall will head down south before too long 🙂 Congrats on your job at REI! I hear they are a really awesome company to work for plus you get the extra perk of actually liking what they stand for and what they sell. I hope you and Tim have many outdoorsy adventures with your new gear 🙂 much love to you!

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