Some Fall Photography

There is nothing like Fall for some inspiration — the change of season this year has inspired me to learn some new recipes, clean all the nooks and cranies with my dustbuster, try to wear some of those stylish fall outfits I love on other people, and take some pictures of the beautiful colors of fall. I love that I get splashes of bright color against the brick, brownstone, and concrete of the urban jungle. Sure, it would be great to be driving the back country roads of Vermont today, but I will take my neighborhood for now…

acron, squirrel, and leaf sugar cookies

sitting in the sun

red line to Howard and yellow tree

leaves and bicycle

Just a few for now – hope you are all enjoying a pumpkin carving, apple picking, casserole eating, tall boot wearing Fall!


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4 responses to “Some Fall Photography

  1. Shelley Heffner

    Great pics! Miss your smiling face :)
    Shelley Heffner

  2. A.M

    beautiful fall pics..wish we had these at our place….loved the last shot.

  3. Mom

    Love your “yellow tree”!

  4. The tree in the last pic looks like it has an eye! Beautiful colors :)

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