On Being 18 weeks Prego

Pregnancy is a lot of waiting so far – the anticipation and anxiety that come before each doctor visit, the relief and joy when we’ve gotten to see our little nugget and hear his/her heartbeat, and then the anticipation and waiting for the next month when we get our “fix”of joy and relief. Our next fix will be August 10th when we get to find out Baby V.’s gender!

Most recently, we have gotten to feel Baby V.s movements. While I have been feeling the flutters for about a week and a half now, yesterday I started to feel some good kicks. Sure enough Tim was able to feel them too and now we both look forward to those quiet moments when we are blessed by some swift jabs.

Growing up I always pictured having kids in my little suburban house with a yard, a nursery to decorate, and a family-friendly car out front. BUT, here we are in Chicago in a tiny apartment with no dishwasher, laundry, or tv; we are trying to save to buy second hand baby gear; and trains and sirens are the soundtrack to our lives.  Honestly, it’s not what I ever expected, but I could not be happier! I believe God has a beautiful way of taking our plans and expectations and shifting them in to unexpected joy and beauty.

To be perfectly honest, we know we have no idea what we are in for in the year ahead, but we are taking it a day at a time. Summer here has brought brutal heat and for now we are looking forward to cooler Fall weather and large sweatpants.

Thanks for all your excitement, encouraging words, and prayers for us and Baby V. as he/she continues to grow!