Welcoming Brooks Joseph!

5 thoughts on “Welcoming Brooks Joseph!”

  1. Ashley, he is truly beautiful! Not at all scary and old-man-ish looking like some newborns! What a perfect way to welcome the new year! Congratulations, and way to go with the natural childbirth! My first is on the way, and he’ll be making his debut at home, med-free, with my midwife and hubby by my side, God-willing! I’ll add you to my list of inspiring friends who’ve gone before me!

    1. Thanks Heather! We just have so much fun with Brooks and I am so excited for y’all (even though we just have 3 weeks of experience). Good luck with the home birth. You really forget about the pain after a few days with your little one 🙂

  2. I can not get enough of this little guy! You guys are so very gracious to let MayMay hang out for the week and stare into those inquisitive baby eyes. You are amazing parents and I know that first hand. God bless.

  3. admission: we have totally been drooling over your sweet pictures, Brooks. Holy cow you are a handsome baby. ~the Gibbs family (Will, Dan, Red, June, Floyd)

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