Pregnancy Weight Gain, Postpartum Weight Loss

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weight Gain, Postpartum Weight Loss”

  1. good for you, grand daughter-in-law. Proud of you. And that Great grand of ours is a real cutie. Breast feeding is the best and helps in the good immunization process-early. Thank you with hugs and love galore! G’ma Peg

  2. love that you shared this, Ashley! it is so interesting how our bodies have different paces in the ‘get back to me’ cycle once the baby arrives. my sister and i are so similar, but were very different here: nursing for me makes the weight drop off fast, but she can’t drop the last 10 or so until she weans. glad you are giving yourself hefty grace in this arena and at the same time challenging yourself. so love reading about you guys becoming parents 🙂

    1. Thanks Danielle, it is so fun and I can only imagine a house with three kiddos! I love hearing those little differences and always encouraged to hear from moms who have done it all!

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