Road Trip South

Brooks got his first road trip under his 5 month old belt and got to meet both his great grandmothers, his granddad, aunt, uncle, and cousin just to name a few! (forewarning: this post if filled with pictures and there are links at the end to some pretty epic videos on our youtube): We packed … Continue reading Road Trip South


We had an adventurous day over Memorial Day weekend as Brooks got to ride in the bike trailer and swim for the first time both in the same day! Bike the Drive is an annual event in Chicago where they shut down Lakeshore Drive to cars and open it up to thousands of bike riders … Continue reading Duathlon

Seattle Trip

Brooks and I got the wonderful gift of a trip to Seattle in early May to visit friends and family. How we got so lucky with weather I will never know as it was an unusual 70’s and sunny every day we were there! Brooks got some good time with his grandparents and got to … Continue reading Seattle Trip

4 Months Old

I am loving so many sweet things about Brooks these days and as he grows we get to delight in his discovery of the world, one day at a time. He is grabbing and reaching for everything in front of him these days and then bringing them to his mouth just to see what they … Continue reading 4 Months Old

Gabriel Michael Moroney

Ryan and Michelle were some of our first friends here in Chicago. They are such a joy and have graciously opened their home often for small group, showers, and weekend get-togethers. Most recently, I have enjoyed sitting on their back patio sipping mimosas and trying to bounce our babies in to happiness! Gabriel (or Gabe) … Continue reading Gabriel Michael Moroney

Adah Lea Smith

Branching out from pictures of my own son to a few pictures of friend’s babies! While I don’t have much technical photography skills, I enjoy taking pictures, especially of babies. Good thing I have a bunch of good-looking friends having good-looking babies this spring! Here are some pictures of sweet little Adah Lea Smith who … Continue reading Adah Lea Smith

3 months old

OK, so the blog is officially just pictures of my child! Brooks is 3 months old now and I feel like a cliche but I can’t help saying “It goes so fast! Slow down son!” I have seen so many cute ideas to take monthly photos, but since I wasn’t really prepared at month 1, … Continue reading 3 months old